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Information on "The Duke of Bachata" Documentary Film w/ Joan Soriano:

Current News: Joan Soriano's new CD produced by iASO records is Here! Buy Now! This is going to be the bachata music CD to have for 2010!

Joan Soriano's new release featured on NPR's "All Things Considered"

New Duke of Bachata CD/DVD combo Review:

Joan Soriano’s bachata is packed with feeling: sweet lines with ragged edges, catchy melodies over tight guitar-shapes, and a bright raspy voice that finds the joy inside bittersweet. This is truth-music, well-crafted and well-produced. It entrances dancers. And taking us deeper into Joan’s story and Dominican culture, El Duque de la Bachata is a sharp and moving documentary by filmmaker Adam Taub. Adam earned the trust of Joan and his family and it shows. The film traces the topography of Joan’s life in music, guided by Adam’s keen eye for moments that open up and express life: tender, exuberant, sad, heartfelt, ordinary. One treat is Joan’s father dancing - never doubt that old guys can move. Joan’s music resonates in a deeper place after seeing the film. In an era loaded with low-nutrient entertainment, this is soul food for the long haul.

-Peter Blaustein

Peter Blaustein co-directs Sister Island Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural exchange and sustainable development in the Dominican Republic. To learn more about volunteer service opportunities in the Dominican Republic and Sister Island Project’s work, visit

Dominican Bachata Dance DVD available now! Over 30 minutes of raw bachata dance footage from the Dominican Republic.

New bachata .com is online. This site is a resource for bachata musicians help them to find an audience for their new music and has new bachata downloads including Joan's Vocales de Amor.

"Legends of Bachata" A new documentary by Adam Taub. Find out how to contribute to its success!

Film review appears on Anthropology Review data base

Film Review by Deborah Pacini Hernandez, author of "Bachata: A Social History of a Dominican Popular Music."

Joan Soriano CD "Vocales de Amor" is available for sale. Featuring his hit song "Vocales de Amor" and other great tunes such as "Yo Te Diré," "No Tengo Corazon" and "Belie"

The Duke of Bachata's "Vocales de Amor" reviewed by 'The ‘Bachatero’ from Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) has surely outdone himself in "Vocales de Amor." The title song of the album ‘Vocales de Amor’ is a very nice ‘Sing Along’ song. The chorus is very addictive. The men sing: A, Eme, O, Ere, and the women respond ‘Amor, Amor, Amor es loque Siento por Ti’ (‘Love, Love, Love is what I Feel for You’).' -

Documentary Film info:

Story: El Duque de la Bachata is a documentary film about Joan Soriano, a Bachata Musician from the Dominican Republic, as he struggles to reach his goal of a hit CD and success as a musician. It is also the story of his large extended family living in the rural countryside of Monte Plata near Santo Domingo. They dream along with him, hoping that his success will improve their economic situation and quality of life.

The bachatas and merengues he plays have their origins in the Dominican Republic yet draw upon a variety of musical influences from regions of Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Soriano is a practitioner of Afro-Dominican traditional salve and palo as well, and he blends these percussive styles with bachata to create a fresh sound.

Joan Soriano has been featured on the Rough Guide to the Bachata and on the documentary Santo Domingo Blues as well as performed and recorded with big name bachata musicians such as Joe Veras and Zacarias Ferreira. He also released an execellent CD in 1998 called "Vocales de Amor." Although the CD did not get wide release it has some great bachatas and merengues such as "Vocales de Amor," "Belie," "Yo Te Diré," and more. Joan now is working on a new hit CD of his own. Within the last few years, a music producer named Benjamin de Menil from IASO Records has begun recording a CD of Joan's music and is now moving toward the CD's completion with high hopes that it will be a hit. Other featured musicians in the documentary include living legends master guitarist Edilio Paredes and singer El Chivo Sin Ley.

El Duque de la Bachata is saturated with music, Dominican culture, and intimate portraits. A documentary film about a true bachatero Dominincano. The film is produced and directed by Adam Taub. To view information on Adam's most recent documentary La Quinceañera click here.



Joan Soriano, El Duque de la Bachata screenings and concerts:

Joan Soriano, The Duke of Bachata Concerts!

Screenings Coming up! CD's and DVD's available for purchase at screenings!

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September 21 Edison College: Fort Meyers, FL
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

September 23 Motorco Music Hall: Durham, NC
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

September 24 Massachusetes College of Liberal Arts: North Adams, MA
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

September 27 Community College Of Baltimore County: Dundalk, MD
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

October 1 St. Louis Salsa Congress: St. Louis, MO
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

October 6 Maui Arts and Cultural Center: Maui, HI
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

October 8 Leeward Community Theatre: Pearl City, HI
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

October 10 Yoshi's: Oakland, CA
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

October 11 Starline: Fresno, CA
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

October 12 Steven's Steakhouse: Commerce, CA
Featured artists: Joan Soriano

The Reno Latin Dance Fest & Showcase Jan. 5th - Jan. 8th 2012

"The Duke of the Bachata" Previous screenings

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More Joan Soriano Reviews:

"Vocales de Amor" Reviewed by Carlos Cinta "El Unico Bachatero"

Joan's "Vocales de Amor" album is AMAZING !!! I am a Bachata instructor and music lover myself and every time I do a workshop or festival, I play a variety of the hottest music so the people can feel the energy of the music they dance to and dance as if nobody is watching. It NEVER fails, people ALWAYS come up to me as ask me; "what song was this, and who sings it?" EVERY time the people are referring to Joan's songs.  That speaks volumes of this mans music because his songs are played along with all the most famous Dominican Bachata artists, and the listeners always point out Joan's songs over the others.  The energy he brings is REDICULOUS!!! His lyrics tell stories that we can all relate to and capture your attention.  You can definitely tell that Joan puts his heart and soul into every song he writes and that is what makes his music so powerful! I have been anxiously waiting for the release of his next album and will probably tear off the plastic to the cd case and shove it in my cd player faster than a child tears off the wrapping to a gift on Christmas morning!  "Vocales de Amor" is a MUST HAVE in your album collection!